On December 29th, 2023, Venus will move from the very intense sign of Scorpio, into the expansive sign of Sagittarius. Venus will be here until January 23rd, 2024. Expect an energy shift to one of wanting more adventure, joy, pleasure, and bigger than life themes. You will have a more open-minded approach.

♐Sagittarius energy is less focused than Scorpio, but still very fiery. Sagittarius energy prioritizes a more universal kind of love, as it relates to adventures, seeking the truth and the spiritual and higher meaning of life.

♐You may seek out a connection to significant partners and people who support your dreams, goals, beliefs, vision and values. You may tend to be more spontaneous and enjoy various forms of travel, education and cross-cultural experiences with others. You may also benefit from spiritual or material growth in the form of publishing, traveling, education or legal matters at this time.

On January 11th we have a Capricorn New Moon. This is the first of 2 new moons in Capricorn in 2024. This lunation marks the beginning of a new cycle of growth and ambition.

We begin 2024 with a Capricorn New Moon and we will end the year in December 2024 with one also. We are basically sandwiching in the year ahead with focus, and practical ways to attain goals. This is a perfect time to set goals that inspire and challenge you. Ones that ask you to be more focused on professional topics.

Capricorn energy is tenacious resourceful, disciplined, and ambitious. At this time, you can work to connect to authority figures and search out mentors, people that can support you, as you develop maturity and prepare for the future. This is a beautiful combination that supports you, nurturing your dreams with help or guidance in finding practical ways to attain and reach them.

On January 13th, Mercury will re-enters the earthy sign of Capricorn. In the first week of the transit, from January 14th to 21st, Mercury will be revisiting the same sector of your chart it traveled through from December 1st to December 21st, 2023, bringing past matters back to the surface…having you look back at your past with a new lens.

The goal of Mercury retrograde is to help us look at things from a new perspective. Without Mercury retrograde, we would be working like a scratched record, skipping…doing the same things over and over again. Now that it is moving forward again, having learned there’s a different way to go about things, we can implement those changes and, hopefully, this time around, see a better outcome.

Mercury In Capricorn is an invitation to move from “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results,” to “If you want to see different results, you have to do things differently”. Easy to say, harder to do, and Mercury retrograde is the universes way of pushing us to break free from the familiar and embrace a more effective approach.

On January 20th, we have a Sun and Pluto cazimi.  With the sun just moving into the sign of Aquarius, and Pluto at 29* Capricorn and following a few hours later, moving into the sign of Aquarius, change is a happening. The Sun moving into the sign of Aquarius brings free thinking thoughts, innovation, rebellion, disruption, cutting edge inventions, ideas…and collective awakening. Topics can include AI, controls of government or authority figures…and embracing our shadow. Aquarius is an air sign that embodies being social and focusing on the broader spectrum of humanity and the social impact of issues rather than our individual concerns.

As Pluto follows the Sun into free thinking Aquarius, this becomes a powerful time of Pluto energy, magnifying big, intense and sometimes challenging transformation. The ultimate goal of this transit is to expose shadows, uncover secrets, get to the bottom of mysteries, to gain insight into destructive behaviors like obsessions, addictions, crime or anything like shady.

Pluto embodies extremes like death, destruction, fear, intensity and power struggles. It heralds dramatic endings and brings about fresh beginnings after much time relentlessly exposing areas that have become toxic and need purging for a regeneration. This transit will introduce new themes of power and control and both a collective and individual level.

On January 25th, we have a fiery Full Moon in the sign of Leo.  Leo is a sign that enjoys play, romance and love, it’s a time to be creative, to take time away from work and focus on hobbies and joy. This full moon will direct our attention to matters of leadership and creativity. Full moons always bring about endings and culminations. They bring about the realization of something inside of you or the realization of something inside of you becoming concrete in the physical world.

This full moon forms a Fixed T-square between the Sun and Pluto in the sign of Aquarius, and to Jupiter in Taurus. Think of a T-square as a form of a stalemate situation.  There are things bottled up inside of you and needing to be released. This stored energy can erupt when activated.

Fixed squares involving Leo bring a challenge to our ego. Full moons reveal, like a spotlight. They show us things that are ending.   When the Sun and Pluto unite, it reveals uncomfortable truths about who we have become and where we need to release the urge to control outcomes, in order to align more with a healthier authentic version of ourselves!

Leo is seen as natural leader that leads with loyalty, generosity, and honor. This full moon in Leo, may reveal where we have lost touch with what makes us special and unique.  With the square with Pluto, it may reveal where we may have strayed from our integrity and resorted to control tactics of others due to our fears or paranoia. Pluto wants to transform, yet it may also bring to light aspects we’d prefer to keep private and in the shadows.

While this lunar phase promises an emotional journey, it’s important to recognize that the challenges you are experiencing now are just the steppingstones towards your own personal growth. Work to be heart centered and connect with your inner child to feel more stable.

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