July Begins With A BANG!!!

We begin the month off with a BANG…then, we will slip into a beautiful period of planning, launching and moving forward.  From June 19th to August 21st all personal planets are moving direct, and we will benefit with a break from eclipse season.  It doesn’t mean that things won’t happen.  This is the universe giving us an opportunity to integrate what has shifted and changed in our lives. To breathe easier.  This time is an opportunity to gain more clarity. To be more ambitious. This is the perfect time period for everyone to move forward with launching new activities or events. This can literally be moving or starting a new adventure. Invest in your dreams and aspirations.   Travel free from uncertainty, manifest and create. Take advantage of this opportunity to manifest and grow your life and experiences. This will be the last time until the spring of 2023.

For an overall picture of July, we currently have three outer planets stationed retrograde.  This means that the planet’s energy is somewhat blocked externally.  When a planet is retrograde, the energies focus is more internal, having to integrate or rebuild.  We have traditional Saturn requiring us to focus on rebuilding structures in our life.  We will be looking to review rules and foundations to see if they are serving their purpose, or in need of restructuring.  We have the intense planet of Pluto, encouraging us to work with the collective as a whole to transform the structures for the next generation…build it so it will last attitude… and dreamy Neptune will strip away illusions that have clouded your vision.  This is an opportunity to be more in tune to your dreams and psychic abilities in order to gain clarity on what needs restructuring or transformed in our personal lives and globally.

We also have the Sun in the watery sign of Cancer.  Cancer is ruled by the moon. The moon represents our emotions and controls the tides… so shining and reflecting…this energy will provide us with the capacity to flow and meet the emotional needs of others and be in-tune to our desire to nurture.  Themes will include networking and gathering with friends and family. Everyone will be happy with connections made at this time.

On July 1st we will experience a challenging aspect between Mars in Aries squaring off with Pluto in Capricorn retrograde.  Mars is represented as “The God of War” and is facing head on.  This may be seen as others asserting their will upon us, or vice versa. Many people will feel this transit as a form of tension and that our voice is not heard.  This is not a good time to antagonize.  Avoid strife and discord at the very least…. Mars wants his way, and it may be “at our expense.”  Tune into your intuition and avoid confrontation.

Around July 2nd and again on July 12th the energy of (air…thoughts, ideas and written communication) will be especially positive for this launch period.  First, we have Mercury, then Venus activated in Gemini.  This will fuel long term projects because Saturn is involved.  Saturn wants to plant seeds of ideas that will stand the test of time to grow for the future.  Mercury in Gemini is writing, thoughts, ideas and communicating them clearly, Venus represents our relationships with others.  Together, this means we will have a lot of energy to share ideas clearly, for what we want to create for the future, in working with others.

On July 5th we have two aspects that will occur.  The first is with Mercury, the planet of communication and technology entering Cancer, then Mars, the planet representing our willpower and drive, will move into the solid, stable sign of Taurus. Our Sun is still in Cancer, lending feminine energy to   strengthen our drive and intuition.  Here, Mercury will feel a connection with all things related to our home and family.  Cancer develops our compassion   and draws attention to sensitive communication with others.  Because we have three outer planets stationed retrograde, we may experience a lot of the work internally.  With Pluto, communication may be slow and reactions slow also.  People thinking of global. Key words are intuition and gentle communication.  Mars in Taurus point to fact that this approach to communication and to other people, we can achieve goals faster than we thought. Mars wants to accelerate the energies that the retrograde planets are holding back, so mars home signs…Aries and Scorpio may feel hast, alert. No desire for a quick decision which can shake our stability. Mercury in Cancer and Mars in Aries will help transform energy into thinking about long term goals and personal determination to succeed.

Get ready to get to work and get down to business! On July 13th we will have a Super Full Moon in Capricorn.  Full moons bring endings, closures and reveal things hidden.  This full moon will appear larger and brighter than a typical full moon…and we will feel its grounding energy.  This time is related to our determination and ambition.  The “will” to succeed.  Capricorn energy works slow and steady, one step at a time, climbing to the top of the mountain for success.  Capricorn being a feminine sign, will strengthen our resolve to work concisely.  Some people may feel hurt if they are unappreciated at this time. Doubts may creep into our mind and lives. Repressed things may be revealed.   Themes will center around work, father/maternal figures, professional aspirations, career achievements and legacy.

On July 16th  we have a Sun and Mercury transit.  Since Mercury is moving direct, the focus will be on effectively conveying our thoughts and ideas.  The Sun that represents our soul’s purpose will concentrate energy on the mind and harmonize mental energy. This is a good time for making plans, buying, selling or negotiating.  We can expect an increase in our personal interactions at home…this is a perfect opportunity to address issues in relationships.

Then on July 17th, Venus, the planet of love, enters the sensitive sign of Cancer. At this we will be wanting stability and security…in our home, work and relationships.  We will be in-tune to the energy of others and seek commitments for a safe future. Make plans to secure your foundation.
On July 19th, two things occur.  We have Mercury, the planet of communication, entering the fiery sign of Leo…and Chiron, The Wounded Healer, stationing retrograde.  This means that Mercury in Leo is passionate about our sense of communication and Chiron will have us turning our healing opportunities inward.  We may find ourselves taking our thoughts and feelings from our personal experiences and sharing them by using passionate words to help heal others.


Pluto symbolizes regeneration, transformation and rebirth.  It helps us to look at things differently, transform or evolve so we emerge with new outlooks in life, that being said…
On July 20th, the Sun, representing our soul and purpose, will oppose the transformational planet of Pluto in retrograde. The Sun still in the watery sign of Cancer can indicates a crisis in life or even an event that could affect energy (personally or globally). Many people experience intense feelings and self-doubt.  Some may want to end the work already in progress, even if they are not satisfied with the result.  We will want to end important things; decisions will be cold and stubborn…(Pluto).  Focus on transforming your own thoughts into positive ones.
On July 22nd, the Sun will flow from the watery sign of Cancer and into its home sign of Leo.  Now the summer will really begin to heat up with fire and passion!  The Sun in astrology symbolizes the core of who you are…your individuality and sense of self.  The Sun in Leo will turn our focus to love, passion and self-expression. Our thoughts will have a greater interest in joy and a carefree life.  We will feel more confident and have more energy.  We will be ripe for adventure and motivated to look for fun experiences and opportunities where your talent can be highlighted.  Allow your inner child to come out and create memories. Allow time to discover the unknown and take risks.  You will be rewarded with positive experiences. This is a beautiful time to discover what you enjoy, to focus on things you love, and gain self confidence that was lost…to build your inner happiness.
On July 28th, we have two big events…a passionate new moon in Leo and Jupiter stationing retrograde. To begin with…new moons always bring opportunities for fresh starts and new beginnings.  This will be a time to commit to positive intentions made from the heart.  Seize inspiration for your goals and plans. Be ready to launch new creative projects.  Be open to themes of generosity, abundance and optimism.  This is a powerful new beginning that paves the way for something better. You have cleared yourself of spiritual baggage and have a fresh canvas to paint a new reality.  Plant seeds and let the magic happen!
Next, let’s look at Jupiter.  Jupiter is known as “The Great Benefic” that brings fortune and blessings.  This expansive planet is now joining the outer planets and stationing retrograde for the next four months.  Therefore, the energy of expansion will turn inward.  All planned renovation, be it feelings, business or homes should be planned for another date.  Major repairs or changes in the house are better made when Jupiter is direct.  Jupiter wants to expand, when retrograde, it is about going within.  This will be a period to reconnect and realign with our inner compass with a greater, expansive consciousness…the source within.  Jupiter is focused mostly on developing life goals and directions.  Jupiter retrograde makes it easier to see what we do not have, to analyze the present, so we can be realistic with our focus on the best future.
On July 31st, the intellectual planet of Mercury will oppose the Great Teacher, Saturn.  Mercury is in the fiercely proud and protective sign of Leo, and Saturn is in the visionary sign of Aquarius. As they square off, this can be a time of shaking our stability and foundation.  This transit may bring sadness or bad news. It will create challenging situations that we CAN overcome only with a dose of positive… that we must find ourselves.  Take time to think carefully before speaking and not make hasty decisions that can put you in an uncomfortable situation. Critical thinking can find shortcomings in others and draw attention to their own mistakes.  This transit is a great opportunity to work with emotions to overcome being strongly opinionated and defensive, and to gain intellectual ability to accomplish any goal you set for yourself.



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