There has been an explosion of color and life that happens this time every year! And with that
we are reminded of the build-up of Taurus and Aries energy this month. With Venus, Uranus
and Mercury all in the grounded and earthy sign of Taurus, we are now ready to relax and begin
to focus on things that bring us pleasure.
With expansive Jupiter and fiery Mars both in the pioneering sign of Aries, this will be a time of
expanding and to start something new. You may have a dive to go deeper. This time will find
many, looking to plant seeds or begin things that are enjoyable and bring pleasure, especially
for self-care. This energy can be obsessive and have you wanting to find activities where you
can slow down and enjoy the beauty around us. To sink in and live more in the moment and be
connected with others and nature. The Sun is in Gemini, alone, serving as an opportunity to
communicate these thoughts and ideas with self and others.
Settling in with this grounded energy we continue to work with Mercury still stationed
retrograde. It will continue its backward trek in the sky until June 3 rd . Therefore, continue to
use caution when signing important work documents, and if possible, postpone important
starts of any major projects. Remember that this is the time to go back and finish, redo, and
complete projects that you have already started. I use Mercury retrograde as a time for
clearing, cleaning and reorganizing. This time is best used to finish what was started, so we can
begin anew with a clean slate. At this time you may feel that your energy may be sluggish.
When the planet begins to move direct, this will be the universe giving us the green light to
move forward with new projects and activities. Then, our energy levels will begin to pick back
up over the coming weeks.
Beginning June 4 th through Oct 23 rd , Saturn, the planet of discipline and stability, will station
retrograde in the visionary sign of Aquarius. Aquarius represents connections with family,
friends and ideas. Saturn is responsible and reliable, so while in retrograde this will not be the
right time for significant work changes. Use caution in decisions in your areas of work and
finances or in signing of important contracts. This retrograde may have many feeling that your
ability to move forward may be stalled. Use caution with harsh judgements (Saturn) on others
(Aquarius) and ideological instability.
On June 11 th , Venus, which represents our money and values, will be conjunct electric Uranus
in the grounded, earth sign of Taurus. This dynamic energy will mainly affect earth signs and
our home life. The focus at this time may turn to our career and finances. In this conversation,
we should also include the planet Pluto, as it can be seen as moving away. Therefore, this
period may push us to personal transformation and draw attention in our lives to all types of
Taurus themes. These include stability, strength, sensuality, tenacity and being filled with deep
emotion. June is a time to focus on loved ones (another Taurus theme)…to slow down and
enjoy the flow.

Then on June 13 th , Mercury the planet of technology and travel is now out of its shadow and
moving direct. It is pulling forward full steam ahead and joining the Sun in the communicative
sign of Gemini. Mercury loves this placement and feels at home here. The Sun illuminates
topics of conversation. Gemini energy amplifies, especially air signs. Gemini themes at this time
include your social life, the ability to have conversation with others on improving the world and
global ideas. This will be the perfect time for making new friendships that will blossom on an
intellectual level. Mercury in Gemini loves to probe the minds of others and needs to be able to
understand their thoughts. Look to this house to see where you can enhance mutual
communication, feel connected and be closer to others. For the next few weeks, our thoughts
and communication will be witty, intellectual and a point of strength.
On June 14 th we have a Super Moon in Sagittarius. This will be the first one of the year. This full
moon is in the mutable sign of Sagittarius. Full moons bring endings, closures, culmination and
a time to be receptive. A time to take the light and awareness of spirit into your emotional and
physical body. Since this is a “Supermoon”, expect the energy to be stronger and you may feel
more emotional. Sagittarius is the 9 th sign of the zodiac, representing seeing the bigger picture,
travel, higher thought and mind. It is full of fire and enthusiasm with masculine energy to work
with. This moon evokes philosophical thoughts within us, probing us to look for the meaning
of life. Since Sagittarius is global and views the bigger picture, the moon is revealing things that
were hidden. This transit is a profound time to say goodbye and set old plans and past baggage
ablaze. To move forward and step into and embrace a new adventure in your life. The
following day, as the moon enters the responsible sign of Capricorn, there can be greater
attention on where you are going right now and where you ultimately want to end up. You will
be able to think in more practical terms to move forward.
On June 16 th , the Sun, which rules our ego and life’s purpose, will square off with the illusionary
planet of Neptune. The Sun rules the fiery sign of Leo and illuminates our personality and
creative self-expression. The sign of Neptune inspires all types of dreams, imagination and
intuition. Because the Sun is entering a square (a conflict or tension point) with Neptune, we
may experience problems motivating ourselves…wanting instead to daydream. Since we also
have Saturn retrograde energy that is very active, many may not feel that this is the time to
innovate in life. Some others may feel sadness, disappointment and confusion about events
from the past. Many may be subject to deceptive (Neptune) influences that lead us in a way
that we do not want to walk….all the while, (Neptune) will have us seeing the best in people,
and some may assert their beliefs on others. This will be a good time to focus on yourself, your
plans and goals….to take your time with them, focusing on going through each step carefully.
On June 19 th all inner planets are direct. This is the second window of opportunity to put things
out into the universe and work with the flow. The energy is flowing outward for creation. At
this time, there can be more energy for what you want to do. This window is open until mid-
August! Time to manifest, create, launch something new, make the big decisions, invest, move
to a new space for work or home, start new projects, and look for clarity for future planning.

On June 20 th , Mercury the planet of communication is in a harmonious aspect with the
expansive planet of Jupiter. Mercury represents our thoughts and consciousness and is in its
home sign of Gemini. The planet of our everyday communication and travel will have you
analyze and define the way you communicate with others. At this time, you may be developing
knowledge in a specific area or understanding many topics at once. This can be any type of
learning to help you better appreciate the curriculum/material. This transit will encourage you
to expand your mind (Jupiter), and open the door to success with communication skills
On June 21 st , the Sun will leave airy Gemini and shift into the water of Cancer. This time is also
known as the Summer Solstice. In the Northern Hemisphere, the June solstice (summer
solstice) occurs when the Sun travels along its northernmost path in the sky. This marks the
astronomical start of summer in the northern half of the globe. In the Southern hemisphere, it
is the opposite, marking the start of winter, when the sun is at its lowest point in the sky. The
summer solstice is the day with the longest period of sunlight. Our sun will be at its highest in
the sky. The summer solstice reminds us that nothing lasts forever. We live in a realm where
everything is constantly changing, growing, dying and being reborn. This is a time of letting go
and of acceptance. To be fully in the here and now. To be present and soak up the richness of
today. Release what no longer serves you and that you are ready to release. Be in the moment
and prepared to receive the renewal and rebirth that has been sown.
The shift into this warmth may be a period that is emotional. The Sun spreads emotional
intelligence, and directs our attention at this time to family. We may feel motivated and urged
to make emotional connections with new friends. New beginnings of warmer and longer days
with new adventures await. This is the time to spend with family and in our home
environment. The desire to feel safe and secure. You may take time to reflect on what you
have learned throughout the last lunar cycle. This is a new season of softness, nurturing
energy and emotional sensitivity that will emerge. Your intuition will be extra strong and you
can use this to help guide you to do what you need to finish, let go of and move on from.
Stronger bonds emotionally can be formed now and you may feel stronger when you are
confident in your commitments.
On June 22 nd , Venus the planet of passion and desire enters the thought provoking sign of
Gemini. For the next several weeks, love and romance will be greatly influenced by intellect,
wit and logic. At this time, conversation will be the key to connect with others.
On June 28 th, , we have a beautiful watery, new, moon in the sign of Cancer. New moons bring
clean slates, fresh starts and new beginnings. They are perfect for setting intentions for the
future. This new moon in Cancer will be the perfect time to connect with a Global perspective,
internal emotions, mood and habits. Cancer is the 4 th sign of the zodiac and represents
comfort, self-care and cozy, safe spaces. This moon will open a doorway to you for new
opportunities for creating an environment that you feel safe, warm and comfortable.

Later this day, we also have Neptune the planet of dreams and illusion stationing retrograde.
Neptune’s movement is associated with creativity and imagination for music, art and poetry. At
this time you may discover a new skill or hobby. Use caution for overindulgence at this time
since Neptune often wants to escape reality. This will be a perfect opportunity for a boost of
spiritual enlightenment. Our minds will be focused inward with dreamy idealism. Be cautious
of the desire to sink fully into your inner fantasy world and look for connections that are helpful
in opening up more opportunities.

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