Welcome November!!!

We begin the month of November with passion, drive and sexual energy! That’s the Sun, Mercury, Venus and South Node.…all in the deep and mysterious waters of Scorpio! Everything you do now is with great intention and purpose. You will not do anything that you don’t deeply care about…when you do care about something, you will put your heart and soul into it!!!  You will now have the drive to succeed AND to take it up a notch with such relentless effort! You are ready to engage and go deep…to get to know others on a soul level.  It is time for finding your passion, an emotional connection combined with sexual energy!  Use this time to make friends with your skeletons, so as not be haunted by them! This month has a lot of intense, deep and amped up energy with so many planets in the watery sign of Scorpio.

We begin on November 5th, with the planet of love and harmony, Venus, in a difficult aspect with the electric planet of Uranus.  Uranus is associated with extremes, breakthroughs and breakdowns, limitlessness and being an outsider. This means that you may experience some form of a disruption of love.  There may be tension or even angst. Because of the planet of Mars’ location, you may seek out excitement in other areas of your life.

On November 8th, we have a full moon lunar eclipse in the earthy, grounded sign of Taurus. Taurus is the second sign of the zodiac, and this full moon represents the desire for security in all areas of our life.  To look for the reliable, stable, tried and true.  Full moons always illuminate the hidden and reveal what we need to see.  Eclipses bring about sudden changes and shifts to align you on the right path. This full moon eclipse will reveal what you need so you can focus on your emotional stability. The goal is about finding your footing on solid ground and what you need to do to ensure it. To set you free to live a more authentic life.

On November 16th, the sensual planet of Venus, leaves the deep waters of Scorpio only to enter the fiery sign of Sagittarius.  This combination brings good prospects for all things love and money.  At this time, you will focus less on the negative and look for the brighter side of things.  You will be focusing on the bigger picture; all the while looking to build relationships and form deeper connections with others.

On November 22nd the Sun, representing your ego, is the next luminary to leave the powerful waters of Scorpio and boldly move into the fiery sign of Sagittarius.  Happy Birthday all Sagittarius’. Sagittarius is the 9th sign of the zodiac and represents your higher thoughts, truth, education and travel. While here for the next month, your thoughts will turn to expansive thoughts, pushing boundaries, demanding freedom and seeking to explore uncharted horizons. Learn more about Sagittarius Here.

On November 23rd, we have a beautiful New Moon in the expansive sign of Sagittarius. New moons bring fresh starts, clean slates and new beginnings…this optimistic new moon has you searching for something new for your future and has you planting seeds of optimism.  Sagittarian energy is loud, bold and never apologetic.  Harness this new moon energy and explore, seek adventure, do the things that you’ve been wanting to do, but didn’t feel ready. Jupiter, the planet of luck, fortune, success and generosity ends his retrograde journey through the sky in Gemini.  Now you will experience an opportunity of all good things to come. This time brings connecting with others and utilizing communication to brings prosperity and luck in the areas of writing, speaking and media! Opportunities come when you are social, open minded and versatile! Make yourself available!

On November 28th Mars, the planet of laser focus, makes a beautiful aspect to the taskmaster sign of Saturn. At this time, your inner passions and drive will harmonize with inner energies, giving you strength and ambition.  You will have a lot of passion, dedication and endurance to achieve success along with a lot of self-discipline.

For more on November in you sign check out my YouTube November Forecast below.


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