Year Ahead Consultation

Perfect for follow up sessions or if you have a specific topic you’d like to discuss:

Your predictive 12 month or year ahead forecast covers the current and upcoming planetary influences. I will share with you about the different planetary cycles that are showing up in your chart, and offer guidance on how you can best harness these energies into your everyday life.

I use a combination of predictive techniques (progressions, transits, and returns) to help you understand what to expect, and how to move forward with awareness.

A Year Ahead Predictive Session is the ideal astrology checkup if you are looking for guidance for the future. 

You will gain insight into what lies ahead and timing around current matters.

Your astrology year ahead session can offer guidance to help you make the best choices for your own mental, physical and spiritual growth for your personal evolution. I will share strategies to help you utilize the planetary power for growth and transformation.

If you are mostly interested in a key topic like:

  • career/work
  • family
  • key months/week

This is the ideal session.

The Year Ahead Consultation lasts 60 mins. and is $100

If you have any special questions – either about topics in your life or placements in your chart – that you would like covered in the session, please send the questions to me prior to the consult, or have them ready to share at the start of your consult. I am unable to respond to any questions after the session itself.

What Happens
Each planetary cycle is translated from astrological symbolism into practical, real life experiences, providing you with a astrologically inspired road map for the next 12 months.

We will discuss what you can expect in all areas of life, from how the planets may show up in your life. We can also explore monthly themes to help you navigate your year ahead.

And, just in case, these are my Terms and Conditions as well as my cancellation policy.

Cancellation Policy • Willow Grace Mystik


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