Tuesday, May 11th, we will have the Taurus New Moon. This time will bring some powerful energies and get us ready for Eclipse Season! Taurus is a fixed, earth sign. It governs love, beauty, money and things that we value. The energy of this New Moon feels very grounded and stable. Think of the motto, “work hard, play hard.” This may spotlight all new activities. They will be grounded and meant to last over time…created with love! To see where this energy plays out in your chart, follow the link below. View your rising and sun sign!

(10) May 2021 New Moon, Super Full Moon & Eclipse Season Begins!!! – YouTube

Then, on Thursday, May 13th, Jupiter enters Pisces.  Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system, and when it moves into a new part of the zodiac, we feel the energy shift!  Jupiter is  entering the watery, intuitive sign of Pisces.  Since Jupiter only changes signs once a year,  it sets the tone for the year for us to focus on for growth and vision for the future.  Jupiter in Pisces is a highly spiritual energy. We may feel more connected and in touch with our senses and intuition… since Jupiter represents expansion and abundance, and Pisces rules dreams and spirituality.  Using this energy, we may find opportunities to reach a deeper level of awareness…our understanding of the “whole” and “bigger picture.” With Jupiter’s help in expanding our vision, we may find that we can unlock mysteries from the past.  For some, this can be our intuition leading us to see the bigger picture for our personal journey.

Jupiter will only be in Pisces for a brief time…then it will travel retrograde in June… and then move back again into Aquarius in July. This time period of two and a half months will give each of us an opportunity for a  sneak peek preview of what is to come for 2022, when it will travel into Pisces for good.  I am really looking forward to this opportune time for a glimpse of what is to come next year.

The best news about this transit, is that Jupiter will be in its domicile while in Pisces.  This means that this is the sign of the zodiac that Jupiter calls its home.  It is in a beautiful space where it can offer its gifts and wisdom here.  Jupiter in Pisces is able to express to its fullest power here.   In Pisces, Jupiter can see the overall big picture and be wise and spiritual, offering gifts of knowledge and wisdom for each of us to use for insight and growth. When Jupiter moves into Pisces, we will have a feeling of being in an oasis…and our sense of faith and optimism will be restored again.

On Thursday, May 20th, the Sun enters Gemini and the Gemini season officially starts!!!  Happy birthday to all Geminis!!!♊  The Sun represents our ego and life force.  Gemini is the third zodiac sign and characterizes all forms of communication, intellect and learning.  We are shifting from the very solid, earthy sign of Taurus to the airy, rational, witty sign of Gemini.  With this energy, our minds are very active with thoughts, ideas and are ready for communication of all types from talking, texting, email, and phone. We are now excited to seek and explore all kinds of fun and adventures. I am sure that many of you have probably felt that the Gemini season had already started with Mercury, Venus and the North Node already here….but now that the Sun joins, we are going to get the full experience.  Gemini is naturally curious and full of intellectual energy. We will be approaching things with a beginner’s mind…and with this, we may be able to find solutions to old problems.

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