FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

It’s natural to have questions…maybe even more than one! Hopefully you can find your answer below, but if not contact me!

What is the cost and how can I pay for my reading or class?

The cost of each of my services are listed on my Consult page, So the cost depends on what you are looking to have done.

-Credit card payments are accepted for all readings.

-Please go to the Consult page to pay for your scheduled appointment.

-All Services must be paid for in advance by Credit Card.

-Gift Certificates are available here. All of my gift certificates have expiration dates. By purchasing a gift certificate, you acknowledge the information and agree to book your appointment before your certificate expires AND that you have read and understand the Policies and FAQ pages. No expired certificates will be honored

​ What if I need to cancel my reading or class?

There is a 48 hour cancellation policy:

If you cancel an appointment less than 48 hrs in advance or do not show up for your appointment via the method you choose to be reached at (you do this when checking out),you will be charged a $25 rebooking fee for your scheduled appointment. This means if I call or try to connect and you do not answer, you will still be charged.

When you cancel 48 hours in advance or more there is no fee for the reading.

Same Day Appointments are charged in full and are NOT refundable.

Is there a wait list for appointments openings?

Yes currently I do have a wait list for many appointments, but  different types of appointments have different waiting lists and availability. My scheduling calendar is ALWAYS current with what is open! If your need is urgent or you need something sooner, contact me by email.

How does a phone reading work, and what is the difference between in-person and phone readings?

For a phone or Zoom reading Patricia ~ Willow Grace, will send a zoom link or call you at your scheduled appointment time, and then the fun and magic begins! Accuracy, content, and hours of availability, phone and in-person readings are equal. The only disadvantage of a phone appointment is that you don’t get to share the same energetic space that eye contact creates. I will contact you based on your chosen method. The call will come from a 330 area code.

What do you need from me before the session?

Please provide your Sacred birth data in the form when scheduling your reading.

-This includes your full birth date, your exact time of birth (as exact as you can get it!) as well as your city and state of birth. An exact time and location (city and state or city and country) is needed for the accurate casting of your astrological chart. (i.e. Joe Lisa  May  23, 1966 12:53am Miami, FL)

-Your contact information so I can reach you via phone or Zoom at our scheduled appointment time.

How should I prepare for the session?

  1. Come open minded and prepared to have an honest and loving conversation. Yes be prepared to participate and interact during your appointment.
  2. I always tell people to  write out questions or topics in advance to talk about, but it is not necessary.
  3. Make sure you have read the Policies and FAQ pages.
  4. Wait for the call or contact from me at our scheduled time!

What are your hours of availability?

Patricia Tate ~ Willow Grace is basically available most days of the week. I reserve Thursday evenings for events and Wednesday evenings for group teaching events.  I am available Saturday mornings.  If there are schedule changes, they will appear in the scheduling calendar.

If you email or order products on the weekend (Friday after 1pm EST) please be patient and I will get back to you on Monday.

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